Robert Gast began his career as a musician at the tender age of six with the usual "flea waltz" on his grandparents' piano. At the age of 15 there suddenly stood a wonderful, mahogany-colored Bechstein B from 1925 in the living room at home. This fine sounding grand piano still accompanies Robert Gast on his musical path today.


Robert Gast is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, and lives north of Hamburg. 

He played and recorded his first composition for grand piano and percussion in 1978 with the legendary TEAC Portastudio 144. In the following school years he played drums and piano as a member of various jazz and rock bands, as a keyboardist in a progressive jazz-fusion trio and for a long time as a pianist in the big band of his hometown. 

In 1986 Robert released his very first album "SELFMADE - a momentary review", it was a hand-copied music cassette (MCC), spraypainted with the color of my Golf 2. There were even two vocal numbers. 

The first CD album "Extended Experience" from 1996 is a complete MIDI SETUP - it was recently remastered by Scott Hull / Masterdisk, NY. 

In 1999 Robert Gast moved to the country and founded the "Seefeld-Studio". In 2000 Robert Gast released the album "Seefeld News", at that time still under his former artist name "dr-seltsam". 

Studio mixes and productions include Dieter Geike's "Blonker - Straight ahead" in 2001 and the last three CD albums of the Rolling Stones tribute band "STONE", of which Robert has been a member as a piano and Hammond organ player since 2005.

2016 was the right time to collect all the stories of the past years in his album EVOLON.

2018 - after two years of varied concerts and many visits to concerts in Europe and the USA, the album " In Between The Times" was released in December.

End of 2019 A new album - "It's Called Mood" tells some personal stories from life in 2019. And, new: All drums played and recorded, no more superior drummer pattern programming. The combination of the Gretsch Catalina Club Set with Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Cymbals sounds great!


From: „Interview with myself - Nov. 2020“:


Q: and what happened next ?


RG: "immediately, so after I received the master of the "It's called mood" album from Scott (Scott Hull, Masterdisc.com), wonderful new inspirations met me again like a shotgun shot from the end of October ! These are five of the tracks on the new album, and so it went on in early 2020".


Q: Explain the new sounds on the tracks from 2020.


RG: "I practiced a lot of bass, so I can handle the effects, Levebre Octaver, Mini Fooger and everything else that comes with it. 

The highlight, the new thing for the 2020 tracks are the new sound possibilities. 

I was able to purchase three Moogerfooger sound effects in January, including the unique MF-104M AnalogDelay, the MF RingModulator, and the analog 12-stage Phaser, and have used them consistently for the keyboard tracks. 

There are no MIDI tracks, everything is recorded "live" on audio, Moogerfooger Delay and RingModulator are performed with CV pedal. That was fun!"


Q: What is your conclusion ?


"I'm pretty impressed with the result - it sounds wonderful and I'm very grateful that Scott Hull, who also mastered this album, has understood me for years.

Compositionally, my album is not "to go" music.


Q: Your new album is called "Epilogue" - does that have a meaning?


RG: ""Epilog" is the fourth album since 2016. I have experienced a lot since that time, some things that have moved me a lot. And to process such moments, I sit down at my instrument, for example my wonderful Bechstein B grand piano from 1925, which I have been allowed to play since 1977, or at the drums. Actually always like I used to. - Epilogue", or in medicine "epicrisis" means "final consideration and recommendation for further action". 

That's exactly how the title and my music is designed. 

I am happy to have made it audible.

December, 4th, 2020

"EPILOG 312"





“EVOLON“ (CD 2016)



"EPILOG 312" (CD 2020)

BLONKER “STRAIGHT AHEAD“ (CD 2002 – keyboards, dr, bass, mix) www.dietergeike.de

STONE “2nd STONE“ (CD 2006 – keyboards, mix, co-producer)  www.stone-pur.de

STONE “LIVE IM MEISENFREI“ (CD 2014 – keyboards, mix)

STONE “RARE STONES“ (CD 2015 – keyboards, mix)


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